Our services

  • Management and / or financial control
  • Audiovisual Production Direction :

    SOL-PRODD Consulting can assume the role of production management and assume the responsibilities of preparation, budget management, cash flow and smooth production, from the pre-production phase to the end and usually until the delivery of the project, according to your specific needs.

    Management control:

    As a Management Controller, SOL PRODD Consulting acts as a stakeholder whose role is the validation and monitoring of funds disbursed for a production. We are therefore an outside player in production that controls the sincerity and regularity of the use of funds as proposed to co-producers, pre-broadcasters or other investors. To do this, we prepare an accounting and financial report, on behalf of our clients.


  • Legal and legal review
  • SOL PRODD Consulting advises your productions from the legal point of view, checking that the rules and regulations are respected, that the contracts are in place and well written and the production is done by the rules.

    Upon request, SOL PRODD Consulting can write your various contracts (actors, screenwriters, director, technical staff, partners, etc …), propose strategies for the protection of different copyrights or respond to any other legal problem.


  • Technical assistance and logistics
  • The good production and the good realization of all audiovisual and artistic works are very often linked to the aggregation of technical and human elements in the most harmonious and efficient way possible. The experience of SOL-PRODD Consulting in this field allows a good identification (evaluation) of the qualified people as well as an evaluation / recommendation of the equipment / technical partners for the realization of projects with the best quality / price ratios.

    Some projects also need good logistics expertise for importing, clearing goods, organizing field teams for missions, materiel management and travel.

    We can also support your projects with our targeted expertise to bring a certain added value.


  • Trainning and master classes
  • In general, all Productions are full of talented staff. However, it is not always easy to find competent staff to, for example, develop and effectively control a recount, evaluate the impact of an unexpected absence on the set or the show…

    SOL-PRODD Consulting comes to reconcile talent and competence. The training and coaching programs that we offer are the opportunity for your employees to acquire the fundamental knowledge underlying Production and their implementation in the field.

    Our MASTER CLASSES offer is based on several areas:


    • Budgeting and financing search during pre-production

    • Writing scenarios

    • Filming

    • Logistics management

    • Post production (editing, mixing and calibration)

    • Activation and search for sponsoring and partnership
  • Assistance in seeking funding and partners
  • Consulting peut vous aider à structurer vos projets de recherche de fonds et vous accompagner dans les discussions et la production des éléments requis.

    En outre, fort de son expérience dans le secteur, SOL-PRODD Consulting a la capacité de vous proposer des partenaires pour vos productions (lieux de tournage, placements de produits notamment), ou vous accompagner dans la recherche desdits partenaires.SOL-PRODD Consulting can help you structure your fundraising and assist you in the discussions and production of the required elements.

    In addition, with its experience in the sector, SOL-PRODD Consulting has the ability to offer you partners for your productions (filming locations, product placements in particular), or assist you in finding such partners.

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