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Composed of professionals with varied and complementary skills, and experienced consultants, SOL PRODD Consulting is structured around a team with more than sixty years of cumulative experience.


Jean-Luc TAHOU (CEO and Finance Manager)

Jean-Luc is an Ivorian national who recently returned to Cote d’ivoir after nearly 17 years in the USA. Holder of a Bachelor in Business Administration option Finance and an MBA in Financial Planning from the Georgia State University in Atlanta, and Certified Financial Planner, since 2006, Jean Luc is one of the few Ivorian to have worked in production and wealth management in the American music industry.


In 2002, he became a celebrity management executive at the prestigious Madison-Smallwood Business Management Agency, the largest US agency specialized in wealth management for black celebrities. He worked for clients such as Usher, Outkast, Swizz Beatz and Kelly Price.

In 2005, he was promoted and assigned to the Miami office and was entrusted with the management of clients such as rapper Lil Wayne, NBA player Stromile Swift and several major investment projects funded by some of his clients, including: the restaurant 510 Ocean Drive, liquor company COREGROUPE LLC, the team of Nascar World Racing Team.

At the end of 2007, he resigned and returned to Atlanta to open his own wealth management firm for wealthy clients “AMJL Services” and became a member of the Luxury Marketing Council (an association of marketers specializing in luxury goods and services)


In 2009, Jean-Luc was asked by the patrons of the Black Eyed Peas superstars group and joined their team in Los Angeles as controller of their world tour called “E.N.D. world tour “. He is entrusted with the management of a budget of 40 million USD and assists in moving the musical machine he is responsible for (250 people) on 3 continents 26 countries and 79 cities to meet 1.3 million viewers through 100 full house performances for nearby $ 100 million revenue.


In 2011, the tour is over and Jean-Luc returns to Atlanta and builds on this experience to launch the wealth management firm of wealthy Armand Edward Financial, associated with Carl Murray. He works with other service providers in the luxury market (Roche Bobois, Bowens Bergeron Luxury Handbags, Atlantan Magazine, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Uptown Magazine, Habachy Design, etc.). He is also a contributor to finance articles for various publications. In 2011, he will be appointed Director of Production on the long feature film “LESSON BEFORE LOVE” by director Dui Jarrod.

Since 2013, Jean-Luc has been a member of GTG Media’s Board of Directors founded by Tina Farris, a close associate of the Black Eyed Peas management team. GTG Media specializes in the financing and production of media content for the urban audiences of the American metropolis (television show films, etc …). That same year, he co-founded 1MPK Studios in Atlanta, a coworking space for creative people from the world of music and film.


In 2014, following a health problem, he returned to Côte d’Ivoire and worked as Administrative and Financial Manager of a large Notary Office. But the passion is stronger and after taking care of designers like Elie Kuame, he is asked by the Director Alain Guikou to be the Production Director of his series “MELODY, the Victory while singing”, (co-produced by TV5Monde).


With this experience and conscious of the needs, he decided to found SOL-PRODD Consulting with Alfred Zebi, Ickx Fontaine Gnakouri and Jérémie Djizo.

Alfred Boga ZEBI (Managing Partner)

Alfred has the distinction of combining both legal and auditor expertise acquired in the private sector as well as in the public sector and international organizations.

After two years of teaching at the Law Faculty of Montpellier (France) where he graduated and obtained his law degree and Bar exam, at 22, Alfred joined the prestigious law firm HSD Ernst & Young. Specialized in restructuring and privatization, he notably participated in the privatization of the national water company in Senegal (SONEES at the time) and Ivory Coast Telecom.

Noticed by Tidjane Thiam (current CEO of Credit Suisse), he returned to Côte d’Ivoire in 1997 to be its Legal Adviser and the General Counsel of BNETD, office attached to the Presidency of the country. He worked in particular on major Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects such as the Azito power plant, the 3rd Abidjan bridge (toll bridge), the privatization of Abidjan airport.

From there, he joined the African Development Bank (AfDB) as Senior Legal Officer and participated in the drafting of new loan conditions and participated in the reform of the Administration Department.

He left the AfDB in 2005 to join UNDP in New York as an Investigator in the Office of Audit and Investigations. The task there was to investigate cases of fraud, embezzlement, abuse of any kind, and use made of UNDP funds by recipients such as NGOs. He covered mainly Africa, which he travelled extensively. In 2011, he led one of the largest UNDP investigation, with a team of 10 people and a US $ 80 million case.

For personal reasons, Alfred returned to Côte d’Ivoire in 2012 where he continued to work as a consultant for the United Nations and other entities such as the ICC, for international NGOs and for public entities seeking his expertise. He is also Africa Director of OSACO PARTNERS, a company based in New Zealand and specialized in training, investigations, ISO certifications in compliance and anti-corruption systems. OSACO Partners is one of the partners of COZBAZ & Co.

He also devoted himself to his passions that are sports, music and movies and television by setting up a company doing celebrity branding, sports marketing and audiovisual production. It was also until June 2019, the Coordinator of the Didier Drogba Foundation, named after the Ivorian international football player Didier Drogba.

In 2017, he joins forces with Alain Guikou as co-producer and executive producer of the series “Melody, the victory while singing” whose release is scheduled for September 2019. From his collaboration with Jean Luc Tahou and Ickx Fontaine Gnakouri on this project, will be born the idea to create SOL-PRODD Consulting.



Icks Fontaine GNAKOURI (Technical Supervision Manager)

Ickx Fontaine has more than twenty years of experience in the audiovisual field, communication, production and artistic management and events, both in Africa and Europe.


It is in Montpellier (France) that he starts in the management and the organization of shows with the Black and White Quartet, led by Emmanuel Djob, the revelation of the season 2 of the show “The Voice” on TF1 (France), while being radio host on a local radio.


He also participates as an presenter at the NBA converse Tour in France, the biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world (being himself a former basketball player).


Returned to Ivory Coast in 1997, he began to present events and produce music. He intervenes in different stages of the event whether in the design as in the operational.


Regarding music, he produced the group 2Bruya, CFI clip of the summer in 1998 with the title “Baby”. He has participated in the success of Ivorian artists such as Billy Billy, Josey, Kilheur and Rikwane to name a few, and collaborated with the greats like Ticken Dja Fakoly, Paco Sery and many others.


For more than ten years he produced the two biggest Hip Hop radio shows in Côte d’Ivoire, Rap Zone and X Vibe’s’.


On the audiovisual side, he coproduced the first real TV Talk show in Ivory Coast “Vive la Télé” on RTI 2 while being a football presenter for the brand MTN.

He coordinated the production of the documentary film “The Children of Houphouët” tracing the history of President Houphouët-Boigny with young people called “Loubards”.


His experience and knowledge of the sector is undeniable and makes him a resource person who is often consulted or solicited in different areas: audiovisual, music, communication and events.


This is how Alain Guikou called on him to be the Artistic Director on the musical series “Melody, the victory while singing” co-produced by TV5Monde. He coordinated the creation and production of the original music of the series as well as covers and music atmospheres, and coached the actors.

He decided to join Alfred Zebi and Jean-Luc Tahou at SOL-PRODD Consulting, to bring his varied technical knowledge.


Jérémie Gnalega DJIZO (Logistics and Field Manager)

Although he holds a master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Abidjan (2005), Jérémie meets the world of communication as soon as he graduates from high school, being a cameraman, artist manager and production manager for various projects.


His love for the audiovisual world will increase with the participation in several audiovisual production projects, first as project manager in the CFI summer clip project in 1999 with the title “Baby” of the group 2Bruya, then as production manager of talk show ” Vive la télé ” on RTI 2. To refine his knowledge in the field, in 2011, he enrolled at the Institute of Communication Sciences and Techniques (ISTC) in master 1, audiovisual option.


A multifaceted man, Jeremy is the man on the ground. He was the departmental coordinator in charge of logistics and transport during the presidential elections in 2010, then the departmental and legislative elections in 2011, in areas under rebel control. His ability to work under pressure, in hostile environments gives him an advantage for missions that are often difficult to undertake.

From 2012, he acquired the ability to work in a multi-sectorial environment with international partners as project manager at P.A PARTICIPATIONS alongside Alfred Zebi.

 Currently, Jérémie Djizo is responsible for the operations and logistics of the Didier Drogba Foundation. He is in charge of coordinating the operations and projects of the institution where he has been working since 2014.

 With 10 years of experience in the field of logistics and management of field operations and a mastery of the audiovisual world, Jeremy is the field expert at SOL-PRODD Consulting.

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