Who are we ?

SOL-PRODD Consulting is the first Ivorian agency specialized in the professional accompaniment of audio-visual, musical, artistic and cultural projects, from the financial, legal, technical and logistic point of view.

The films, series and events entrusted to us are managed and followed with precision and meticulousness, with modern means, while taking into account the reality of the African Market. We make available to your projects the sixty years of cumulative experience of our bilingual team.


  • Background
  • The audiovisual sector in Francophone Africa is exploding. New television channels are created or are in the making and many production companies are set up with the objective of providing programs to these broadcasters.

    In this rapidly changing sector, the players has no choice but to organize and professionalize itself to meet international standards.

    However, many stakeholders in this field, despite their artistic talent, do not necessarily have the skills required to globally manage projects on this scale. Many projects do not make it because they are of poor quality, in particular because of the approximate management of broadcast or co-production advances paid by broadcasters and co-producers to project initiators.

    It is with this in mind that SOL-PRODD Consulting was born to support projects and secure your productions, co-productions and pre-purchases, thanks to a multi-disciplinary approach.

    Created initially for the audiovisual sector, SOL-PRODD Consulting can also assist you in the management of your concerts and musical tours, in the implementation of festivals, or any other artistic project.


  • Our missions
    • Support the financial, administrative, legal and technical management of audiovisual projects; 
    • Support the professionalization of the audiovisual sector and culture in Côte d’Ivoire and Africa;
    • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of artistic productions;
  • Our values
  • Professionalism, integrity, responsiveness and adaptability.


  • Our approach
  • A consulting strategy that takes into account both the specificities of the project and the reality of the field!

    The audiovisual sector is changing and with it, the production support professions. To take this into account, SOL-PRODD Consulting has adopted an internal approach which consists in systematically integrating the working methods of the customers in the development of services and offers, as well as in the functional management of the production.

     A rigorous operational approach for each business unit!

    However, at SOL-PRODD Consulting, organizational flexibility does not exclude a work process based on proven procedures over time to ensure the strict compliance with the terms of reference.


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